Nursing Home Residents Project

Mobilization for Justice’s Nursing Home Residents Project provides information, advice and advocacy for nursing home residents and their families.

During 2012, MFY launched its Nursing Home Residents Project to provide information, advice, and advocacy for nursing home residents and their families who are struggling with abuse, neglect, civil rights violations, improper discharge planning, and unfair consumer practices.  Contact the project and get help.

The NHRP also provides training and educational sessions to nursing home residents and family councils. To obtain a short presentation on our services and nursing home resident rights at your next resident or family council meeting, please call 855-444-6477.

The NHRP tracks trends in the complaints that it receives to support policy advocacy and, where necessary, will bring impact litigation. The NHRP is modeled on Mobilization for Justice’s Adult Home Advocacy Project, which provides trainings, advice, and legal representation that has resulted in systemic reforms that have benefited thousands of New York’s adult home residents.

The NHRP continues the work of Friends and Relatives of the Institutionalized and Aged (FRIA) which, after 35 years of providing information and advice to nursing home residents and their families, suspended its operations in 2011. MFY launched the NHRP to fill this void.  MFY recently updated Nursing Homes and Alternatives, which was originally published by FRIA.  Called “the bible of long-term care for the elderly and their caregivers,” this book has been used by many families to ensure that their relatives receive the care they deserve.


fria book cover small

Click here to view or download a copy of the new edition of  “Nursing Homes and Alternatives.”

CALL OUR INTAKE LINE FOR HELP:  855-444-6477 (Toll Free), MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10 am – 5 pm