New York Times Report Draws Attention to Abusive Three-Quarter House Industry

MFY’s work to defend residents of three-quarter houses and end abusive practices was recognized in a major exposé in the New York Times on May 31, 2015. Staff from MFY’s Three-Quarter House Project worked with the Times reporter over a period of many months and facilitated interviews with members of the Three-Quarter House Tenant Organizing …

Manhattan Senior Gets Apartment Back after 20-Month Battle

On April 9, 2015 AM-New York reported on the 20-month saga of an 80-year-old Manhattan woman represented by MFY Legal Services who was illegally evicted from her home of 36 years while hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a bicycle. While she was recovering in a nursing home, the landlord gutted the apartment  …

Tenants Protest Illegal Lockouts in Three-Quarter Houses

Vowing to continue their campaign to end illegal lockouts and evictions, three-quarter house tenants were joined by City Council Members Jumaane Williams and Steven Levin in demanding an end to abusive practices at a City Hall press conference on Oct. 14, 2014.

Origins & Dimensions of the SRO Crisis in NYC

In Single Room Occupancy Housing in NYC: The Origins and Dimensions of a Crisis (CUNY Law Review), MFY attorneys argue that new city policies are needed to preserve SROs and promote new ones to reduce homelessness and increase affordable housing for low-income singles.

MFY Spurs State Investigation of a Predatory Landlord

As a result of MFY Legal Services’ work in documenting tenant harassment by Marolda Properties and bringing together community groups to challenge these abuses, New York State’s Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) has subpoenaed the company. The TPU will investigate allegations of bogus housing court cases that largely targeted elderly and Chinese-speaking tenants, as well as …

Judge Rules Three-Quarter Houses Must Follow Eviction Rules

A Brooklyn Housing Court Judge ruled that Back on Track Group, a three-quarter house that evicted MFY Legal Services’ client in July, was not exempt from New York administrative rules preventing unlawful evictions and ordered the resident reinstated. The Judge’s decision said that the license agreement tenants are required to sign does not invalidate their …

Holdover Suit Dismissed After Landlord Fails to Explain Respondent’s Status

After a NYC landlord sought to evict a tenant, MFY attorney Brian Sullivan convinced the court to dismiss the case based on the landlord’s failure to explain why it did not know the legal status of the persons occupying the apartment.  The landlord claimed in its Notice of Termination that the respondents were “trespassers/squatters and/or …

How to Keep Your Rent-Stabilized Apartment

In a July 22 article on DNAinfo New York, MFY supervising attorney Chris Schwartz sheds light on the illegal tactics that NYC landlords use to evict tenants from rent-stabilized apartments.  

MFY Trains Seniors on Rent Increase Exemption

Thousands of seniors in rent-regulated apartments in New York  City are unaware of the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE). MFY is conducting trainings for seniors at community organizations in lower Manhattan in June and July. Click here for the schedule.

Harassed by Landlord, Chinatown Tenants Fight Back

MFY filed suit on behalf of elderly Chinatown tenants who are seeking an injunction and damages after their landlord repeatedly brought eviction cases against them for rent they did not owe.  Read complaint here. The case was resolved on 12/31/14 to the satisfaction of all parties.