Fact Sheets and Self-Help Guides

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Adult Homes

The Only Person Who Can Evict You from an Adult Home Is a Judge
Rights of Adult Home Residents (Handbook)
Adult Home Residents Can Get Free Cell Phone Service
New Regulations About Adult Homes: How Do They Affect You?
Case Management Services in Adult Homes
Settlement for NYC Adult Home Residents with Mental Illness: How Does It Affect You?
Representative Payees and Adult Homes Residents: Your Right To Control Your Money
Moving to Supported Housing Under the O’Toole Settlement: FAQs
Facts about Discharging an Adult Home Residents from the Hospital
Dental Services under Medicaid for Adult Home Residents
It’s Your Choice: Medical & Mental Health Treatment in Adult Homes

Child Support

Who has to pay child support and how much do I have to pay?

Consumer Issues: Dealing with Debt

How do I stop debt collectors from bothering me?
Can Creditors Take My Benefits and Assets?
I Can’t Afford to Pay My Debts. what Should I Do and What is Going to Happen to Me?
I Owe Money and Want to Set Up a Payment Plan with a Debt Collector. What Should I Do?
I Have Received Papers Labeled “Summons” and “Complaint.” What Are These? What Should I Do?
I’ve Been Sued for Debt. What Will Happen When I Go to Court?
I Am Being Sued for Debt: What Should I Put in My Answer?
Frozen Bank Accounts
I Am Being Sued on a Medical Debt – What Should I Do
How to remove a default judgment
Personal Bankruptcy
How Do I Negotiate a Settlement?

Consumer Issues: General

How can I prevent identity theft?
Questions and Answers on Credit Reports
Disaster Relief: Preventing Contractor Fraud

Disability Rights

Disability Discrimination: The Basics
Tips for Doctors Filling out Applications for Access-A-Ride
Access-a-Ride: How to Appeal a Denial or Reduction of Services
Applying for Access-a-Ride
Access-a-Ride Applicants: How Does the Settlement Affect You?

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit


Individualized Education Programs – Know Your Rights
School Enrollment and Transfers – Know Your Rights
School Evaluations – Know Your Rights
School Suspensions – Know Your Rights


Know Your Rights: A Guide for Workers in NYC
Workers Have Rights (Regardless of Immigration Status)
Workers’ Rights (Simplified Chinese) 工人拥有權利 (不论移民身

Workers Rights (Traditional Chinese) 工人擁有權利 (不論移民身份)
New Minimum Wage

Guardians Ad Litem

What Is a Guardian ad Litem?

Health Care: Making Decisions

How Do I Make Sure My Health Care Wishes Are Followed if I Am Incapacitated?

Health Care: Medical Privacy

How Do I Get Access to My Clinical Records?
Medical Privacy: HIPPA and You as the Patient
Medical Privacy: HIPPA and You as the Parent, Child, or Loved One of a Patient


Foreclosure Facts for Tenants
Keeping Your Pet in a New York City Apartment
Keeping Pets as Emotional Support Animals in NYC Apartments
How to Make a 311Complaint Against Your Landlord
How Do I Get Repairs from My Landlord?
How Can Seniors Stop Rent Increases?
How Can People with Disabilities Stop Rent Increases?
How to Get an Emergency Grant (“One Shot” Deal)
How Do I Assert Succession Rights in a Rent Regulated Apartment?
Three-Quarter House Tenants: Know Your Rights

Housing: NYCHA

Applying for Public Housing
What Kind of Behavior Can Get Me Evicted from My NYCHA Apartment?
How Do I Get Repairs if I Live in a NYCHA Apartment?
How Can I Tell if My NYCHA Rent Is Correct?
How Do I Handle Housing Authority Termination-of-Tenancy Procedures?
What Do I Need to Do to Have Someone Move into My NYCHA Apartment?
What Do I Do if I Disagree with Something NYCHA Does?

Housing: SROs

SRO Tenants: Know Your Rights

ID Cards

How Do I Get a Non-Driver ID Card?


How Do I Replace My Lost or Stolen Green Card?
Guide for Parents Preparing for Potential Deportation

Kinship Care

Cash Assistance for Kinship Caregivers in New York City
Child Care Resources for Kinship Caregivers
Health Insurance for Children in Kinship Care
What Rights Do I Have to Visit My Grandchildren
Adoption in New York Courts
Understanding Your HRA Benefits: A Guide for Kinship Caregivers
Family Court 101: What Caregivers Should Know before Going to Family Court
ACS, Court Proceedings and Your Legal Options


Medicaid Managed Care: Basic Facts
What You Need to Know About New York State’s Medicaid Buy-In Program
How Do I Pick a New Medicaid Managed Care Plan?
Medicaid Spend-Down Program
How to Maintain SSI Benefits to Ensure Medicaid Coverage


What Is Medicare, Am I Eligible for It and How Do I Enroll?
The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program: How to Appeal a Denial to an Exception by Your Plan

Mental Health

How Do I Get a Half-Fare MetroCard for People with Mental Disabilities?
Does Assisted Outpatient Treatment Apply to Me?
Reasonable Accommodations in NYC Housing Court for People with Mental Illness
Reasonable Accommodations for People with Mental Illness Living in NYC Apartments

Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Alternatives
A Guide to Nursing Home Residents’ Rights
My Rights to Visitors in a Nursing Home
My Rights when a Nursing Home Decides to Transfer or Discharge Me
Nursing Home Residents and Health Care Decisions in New York

Public Benefits/Income

Maximizing Income for Seniors
How Do I Get a Representative Payee for My Social Security Benefits?
How Do I Recertify for Public Assistance?
How Do I Keep from Losing My Public Assistance Benefits because of Work Assignment Sanctions?
Applying for Public Assistance
Immigrants’ Rights to Public Benefits
Working for Your Public Assistance
Sanctions: How to Avoid Them and What to Do if You Get One
Applying for HRA Emergency Grants
Applying for Social Security Benefits
Applying for Emergency Rental Assistance
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Public Benefits/SSI and SSD

Tips for Doctors Filling Out Applications for SSI and SSD
How to Maintain SSI Benefits to Ensure Medicaid Coverage
What do I need to report to Social Security when receiving SSI Benefits?
The Basics: Working while Getting SSD
The Basics: Working while Receiving SSI
Preventing Overpayments
Fighting Overpayments