FYI Newsletter

MFJ FYI Spring 2018 (April 2018)
Helping People with Disabilities Live Independently; MFJ & Partnership for Children’s Rights Announce Merger; MFJ & Consumer Advocates Work to Strengthen NYS Laws on Deceptive Business Practices … and more.

MFJ FYI Fall 2017 (November 2017)
Older Adults Hit Hardest by Student Loan Debt; African-American Woman Wins Housing Case Settlement on Race and Source of Income Discrimination; MFJ White Paper Exposes Improper Nursing Home Policies . . . and more.

MFY FYI  Spring 2017 (April 2017)
Tenant Displacement and Harassment in The Bronx; MFY Takes Leadership Role against Illegal Hotels; City Council Acts to Protect Three-Quarter House Tenants . . . and more.

MFY FYI Winter 2017 (January 2017)
Helping Children with Mental Illness; MFY Challenges HUD’s Discriminatory Mortgage Sales; Home Health Aides Win Back Pay; NY Courts Must Accommodate People with Disabilities . . . and more

MFY FYI September 2016
Seeking Justice for Three-Quarter House Residents; MFY Wins $59 Million Consumer Settlement; Lawsuit Compels NYC Transit to Change Unfair Access-a-Ride Policies . . . and more

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MFY FYI Fall 2012
Removing Barriers to Employment for People with Criminal Records; Wage Settlement for Home Care workers; Justice for People with Disabilities…and more

MFY-FYI Fall 2011
Ending Abuse in Three-Quarter Houses; Foreclosure Crisis; Employment Discrimination against Ex-Offenders

MFY’s Foreclosure Project Takes Aim at Abusive Lenders

MFY FYI Spring 2010
MFY Redoubles Efforts to Aid NY’s Immigrants

MFY FYI Winter 2009-10
Adult Home Residents Win Victory in Major Civil Rights Case

MFY FYI Spring-Summer 2009
MFY Saves Housing for Tenants in Two Lower Manhattan Buildings

MFY FYI Winter-Spring 2008
MFY Fights for Justice for NY’s Working Poor

MFY FYI Fall 2007
MFY Sets the Standard for Services to People with Mental Illness

MFY FYI Spring 2007
MFY Challenges Debt Collectors to Play by the Rules

MFY FYI Fall 2006
Aging Precariously in New York City

MFY FYI Spring 2006
Empowerment, Advocacy & Litigation to Fix Adult Homes

MFY FYI Winger 2006
The Debt Trap

MFY FYI Fall 2005
A Tale of Two Tenants: MFY Challenges Upper West Side Landlords

MFY FYI Spring 2005
MFY Adds Legal Muscle to Campaign to End Janitor Lock-Ins