Mobilization for Justice works to end the root causes of inequities through impact litigation, law reform and policy advocacy. Our work focuses on three broad areas: Disability and Aging Rights, Economic Justice and Housing matters.


Lawsuit Filed Against New York State and Adult Homes to Stop Discriminating Against People Using Wheelchairs
Fair Housing Center, Inc. et al v. Cuomo et al, 1:18-cv-03196-VSB (S.D.N.Y.)

Class Action Lawsuit Challenges New York State’s Failure to Transition Nursing Home Residents Back Into Community Settings
Bagley et al v. The New York State Department of Health, 1:15-cv-04845-FB-CLP (E.D.N.Y.)

Lawsuit to Stop the Sudden Displacement of Seniors from Prospect Park Residence
Berger et al. v. Prospect Park Residence LLC et al., 6639/2014 (Kings S. Ct.)

Class Action Lawsuit by People with Disabilities Challenging Access-A-Ride’s Policies
Caldwell et al v. New York City Transit Authority et al

Class Action Alleges Dangerous Conditions & Civil Rights Violations in Adult Home
Bloomfield et al. v. Surf Manor Home for Adults et al., 9038/2012, Supreme Court, Kings County


Consumer Files Suit Against Bank Seeking Return of Stolen Tax Refund
Velez v. American Express Travel Related Services, 19 Civ. 02079, Southern District of New York

Victim of Identity Theft Brings Suit Against Bank Who Denied Her Fraud Claim
Johnson v. TD Bank, N.A., 19 Civ. 3433, Southern District of New York

Consumers File Putative Class Action Against Debt Collectors for Unlawful Practices
Sanders v. Houslanger and Associates, PLLC, 17 Civ. 8985, Southern District of New York

Consumers Seek Vacatur of Fraudulently Obtained Default Judgments
Bostic v. Virgo Capital, LLC, Index No. 161300/2017, Supreme Court New York County

Mobilization for Justice Seeks Ruling on Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees in Worker’s Compensation Case Brought on Behalf of Injured Worker
Fernandez v. Reico International Realty, Appeal No. 2019-528217, Appellate Division Third Department


Homeowner Files Suit to Combat Predatory Lending Scheme
Barker v. Rokoszet al, 19 Civ. 00514, Eastern District of New York

Homeowner Brings Suit to Prevent Foreclosure without Proper Notice
Batson v. Waterfall Victoria Master Fund, LTD, et al, Index No. 450606/2019, Supreme Court New York County

Homeowner Brings Suit to Reverse Illegal Foreclosure Sale of Cooperative Unit
Arthur v. 1809-15 7th Avenue HDFC, et al, Index No. 653800/2015, Supreme Court New York County

Appeal Brought to Uphold Dismissal of Abandoned Foreclosure Action
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Beckford, Docket No. 2018-12362, Appellate Division Second Department

Appeal Seeks to Enforce New York’s Lending Law
Yonaton Funding v. Ramsay, Docket No. 2018-10860, Appellate Division Second Department

Appeal Brought to Dismiss Foreclosure Action Brought Against Deceased Person
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Baymack, Docket No. 2017-5408, Appellate Division Second Department

Appeal Filed to Penalize Bank for Failure to Negotiate in Good Faith
HSBC Bank, N.A. v. Sadeque, Docket No. 2017-00963, Appellate Division Second Department

Tenants Bring Suit Against Landlord for Deceptive Billing Practices
Gardner v. MN Baldwin Isham, LLC, Index No. 450301/2019, Supreme Court New York County

African-American Homeowners Charge HUD with Discrimination
Washington v. HUD et al, 16 CV 3948

Mobilization for Justice Defends Sanctions Imposed on Bank for Failure to Negotiate in Good Faith
U.S. Bank National Association v. Smith et al, Second Dept., Docket #13-00295

Federal Fair Housing Lawsuit Details Discrimination against African Americans and People with Rental Subsidies
Fair Housing Justice Center, Inc., et al v. Kosova Properties, Inc., et al, 16 CV 3537

Class Action Suit Cites Operators of Illegal Three-quarter Houses for Deceptive Practices and Violation of Tenant Protection Laws
David et al v. #1 Marketing Service, Inc., RYB Realty LLC, Index No. 30238/2010, Supreme Court, Kings County


Mobilization For Justice Files Amicus Brief in Support of Fired Worker with a Criminal Record
Graves v. The City of New York, Index No. 151403/2016, Appellate Division First Department

Mobilization For Justice Files Amicus Brief in Support of Tenants Whose Landlord Deceptively Overcharged Them for Rent
Collazo v. Netherland Property Assets LLC, 157486-2016, New York State Court of Appeals