Consumer Rights

MFY Urges NYS to Ban Mandatory Arbitration

In testimony before NYS Assembly committees investigating mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts, MFY Staff Attorney Nicole Arrindell  showed how this system is biased and rigged against low-income consumers and low-wage workers, and urged the Assembly to ban it.

Victims of Debt Collection Scheme Win $59 Million Settlement

MFY Legal Services, the New Economy Project and Emery Celli Brinkerhoff & Abady settled a class action lawsuit yesterday on behalf of more than 300,000 victims of abusive debt collection practices in New York State for $59 million. In addition to the fund, some 190,000 judgments are to be vacated.

MFY Comments on Problems with Debt Cases in the Courts

An article in the ABA Journal, Debt-buying industry and lax court review are burying defendants in defaults, provides an overview of the problem of default judgments in debt cases and highlights new practices in several states. MFY Supervising Attorney Carolyn Coffey comments on New York’s backlog in filing documents required by debt buyers seeking default …

MFY Urges Passage of Consumer Credit Fairness Act

MFY supports swift passage of the Consumer Credit Fairness Act (CCFA) (A. 4438), which would strengthen the pleading requirements in debt collection cases, enhance notice requirements, and require greater information when applying for a default judgment, thereby leveling the playing field for pro se litigants.  CCFA will codify many of the provisions found in the …

MFY Supports CFPB Policy Giving Consumers the Right to Be Heard

MFY submitted comments in support of CFPB’s policy proposal that consumers be allowed to release their complaint narratives to the public through a complaint database.  Current complaint categories provide little understanding of the consumer’s experience.  Releasing the narratives will reveal potential predatory lending in the communities MFY serves. 

Dishing Out Consumer Advice

Real NY features an interview with MFY attorney Evan Denerstein on consumer law in New York, in which he provides guidance and information about how to handle debt collection matters and where consumers can go to get help.