Workplace Justice

MFY Joins Call for Real Minimum Wage Increase

At a press conference on May 30, 2013, MFY joined advocacy groups and low-wage workers in calling on New York State to ensure that all workers, including those who receive tips, receive a real increase in minimum wages and that the state address the backlog in minimum wage and overtime pay complaints from workers.

MFY Files Amicus Brief on Unpaid Wages

MFY, with six other worker advocacy groups, submitted an amicus brief to the Appellate Division, First Department of the New York Supreme Court, in Bonito v. Avalon Partners (N.Y. County Clerk Index No. 650541/2011), supporting legal rules that would help low-wage workers recover unpaid wages from employers who try to dodge liability.

MFY Helps Job Seekers Cheated by Placement Company

On October 4, 2012 dozens of New Yorkers came to MFY after a job placement agency took between $200-$400 from each job seeker, then disappeared, leaving documents with personal information strewn about their office. MFY advised the job seekers of their rights and how to protect themselves from identity theft, and then facilitated an official …

Home Care Workers Win $1 Million in Class Action Settlement

As many as one thousand women who care for New York’s elderly and infirm will share a $1,090,000 settlement in a groundbreaking class action lawsuit against McMillan’s Home Care Agency. This is the first case in New York State to reach class settlement for home care workers, in an industry rife with wage-and-hour violations. Home …

Homecare Workers Sue Agency for Wage Theft

MFY Legal Services and Debevoise Plimpton LLP are representing employees of BNV Home Care Agency, Inc. and Academy Care Givers, Inc. in a class action lawsuit that charges that the agencies stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from them and systematically violated New York State Labor Laws. Home Care Workers Sue Agency for Wage Theft