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MOBILIZATION FOR JUSTICE, formerly MFY Legal Services, offers free legal assistance to low-income New Yorkers throughout New York City to resolve legal problems in the areas of housing; foreclosure; civil, disability and aging rights; bankruptcy, tax, consumer, employment, government benefits, immigration, and kinship care. Through these services we prevent homelessness, help seniors and people with disabilities live independently, stabilize families, maintain and increase income, and address racial disparities.

NYC Tenants Will Now Have a Fighting Chance in Housing Court

After years of advocacy by Mobilization for Justice, Legal Services providers, tenants, community based groups, unions and others who came together as the Right to Counsel Coalition, the City Council voted on July 20, 2017 to establish a right to counsel in housing court for low-income tenants facing eviction.

Eviction protest
Mobilization for Justice Triples Anti-Eviction Services for Bronx Tenants

Over the past year, Mobilization for Justice has tripled the number of Bronx tenants whose affordable housing it helps preserve.

The Impact of the New Administration

Jeanette Zelhof, Executive Director; Orier Okumakpeyi, Senior Staff Attorney; Montel Cherry, Supervising Attorney; and Kevin Cremin, Director of Litigation, discuss Mobilization for Justice’s deep concerns about the impact the new administration will have on our clients who are a diverse group of people who struggle every day to maintain housing, income and the precious few …

News & Press

Abandoned Tenants Rally to Demand Housing Help

The Queens Times Ledger reported on a rally on Aug. 31 by three-quarter tenants to fight the threat of homelessness after the NYS Attorney General charged directors of Interline with stealing over $2.3 million in a Medicaid kickback scheme. Tenants, whose housing is now in limbo, rallied to ask the City to provide Special Exit …

City & State Investments in Predatory Mortgage Servicer Exposed

NBC News interviewed MFJ Attorney Christopher Fasano as part of its report on how Lone Star, a hedge fund, has been buying FHA mortgages and then giving African-American homeowners in NYC predatory loan modifications that will likely result in homeowners losing their homes within five years. Fasano also encouraged NBC News to investigate city and …

Former Narco Freedom Residents Still Wait for Housing

The Daily News reported on July 31, 2017 that many former residents of three-quarter houses operated by the corrupt Narco Freedom organization are still waiting for housing. Some 370 out of 1,200 former residents have successfully moved to permanent housing since 2015. Narco Freedom’s operators, Jason and Alan Brand, were arrested on Medicaid fraud and …

Success Story

Concerned senior
Mobilization for Justice Saves a Senior’s Home

Like many seniors throughout Manhattan, Patricia, age 88, was harassed by her landlord, who was determined to force her out of her rent-regulated apartment by making a series of unfounded allegations in an eviction proceeding. Our staff negotiated with the landlord who eventually signed a stipulation that abandoned all of the claims it made in his holdover petition. After her nightmare was over, Patricia’s son wrote to us: “Without great exaggeration, it is fair to say that the services … of the team at Mobilization for Justice were life-saving.”

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