Disability and Aging Rights

Mobilization for Justice believes in the dignity
of all human beings and that

Disability Is Not Inability.


MFJ helps seniors and people with disabilities to access appropriate transportation, such as Access-A-Ride, and to challenge denials or termination of service.

Adult Home Advocacy

MFJ provides advocacy and trainings to adult home residents throughout New York City and pursues individual and affirmative litigation to improve adult homes and to ensure that residents are given the opportunity to live in more integrated settings.

Children with Mental Illness

MFJ assists children with mental illness and their families through medical-legal partnerships with Bellevue, Kings County and Harlem Hospitals to obtain education supports for the children and to stabilize the families if they face government benefits, housing, immigration or other legal problems.

Housing – Manhattan Seniors

MFJ helps Manhattan seniors age in place in their own homes by preventing evictions, securing benefits and resolving related legal problems.

People with Mental Illness

MFJ assists people with mental illness living in the community by providing advice, counsel and representation on housing, public benefits, disability rights, consumer, and other matters, to ensure that people with mental illness do not end up homeless or institutionalized.

Nursing Home Residents

MFJ provides information, advice, and advocacy for nursing home residents and their families and provides legal representation in areas such as abuse and neglect, civil rights violations, improper discharge planning and unfair consumer practices.