MFJ Helps Older Adults Hit Hardest by Student Loan Debt

Older African-American woman sitting on couch at home looks worried as she reads notice from student loan servicer.

The Fall issue of MFJ-FYI explores the growing problem of student debt carried by adults aged 60 and older. Over the past decade the number of older student loan borrowers has quadrupled and the amount of debt per older borrower has roughly doubled. In addition to paying off their own student loans, some older adults have taken out or co-signed loans for children or grandchildren. The article shows that the loan servicers, who are supposed to help borrowers successfully manage their debt, often misrepresent options and fail to tell borrowers that they can consolidate loans and that they may be eligible for income-driven repayment plans that would make their loan repayments affordable. MFJ is counselling scores of student loan borrowers and also working to win passage of state legislation to regulate loan servicers and prohibit common unfair, deceptive and misleading tactics.