The Impact of the New Administration

Jeanette Zelhof, MFJ executive director, seated at table with Orier Okumapeyi, Attorney; Montel Cherry, Supervising Attorney for government benefits; and Kevin Cremin, Director of Litigation for Disability & Aging Rights.

Jeanette Zelhof, Executive Director; Orier Okumakpeyi, Senior Staff Attorney; Montel Cherry, Supervising Attorney; and Kevin Cremin, Director of Litigation, discuss Mobilization for Justice’s deep concerns about the impact the new administration will have on our clients who are a diverse group of people who struggle every day to maintain housing, income and the precious few resources they have.

They battle discrimination for who they are, push through each day with debilitating illnesses, have tenuous immigration status, and generally live on the margins of society. We are also deeply concerned their situations may become exacerbated by new federal policy. We will take this one day at a time and do all we can to affect law and policy, as we do every day at MFJ. We are committed to equal justice for all, and we will stay focused on our mission and fight more than ever for our clients.