Harassed by Landlord, Chinatown Tenants Fight Back

MFY filed suit on behalf of elderly Chinatown tenants who are seeking an injunction and damages after their landlord repeatedly brought eviction cases against them for rent they did not owe.  Read complaint here. The case was resolved on 12/31/14 to the satisfaction of all parties.

Senior Living Residence Sued for Discrimination

MFY is representing the Fair Housing Justice Center in a lawsuit filed on May 29, 2013 alleging that the owners and managers of five independent senior living residences with more than 600 apartments discriminate on the basis of disability, religion and race. Read the complaint.

MFY Urges Greater Federal Protections for Low-Income Consumers

In written testimony to the federal Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, MFY urged the agency to apply the protections provided under Regulation E to all GPR prepaid cards, to require easy-to-read fee disclosures, to prohibit overdraft fees and credit features, to prohibit deceptive claims about building credit, and to eliminate pre-dispute arbitration clauses.