Adult Home Residents

After a Decade of Litigation, Relief for NYC Adult Home Residents

The spring 2014 issue of the New York State Bar Association’s Elder and Special Needs Law Journal features an article by MFY attorney Jota Borgmann detailing the decade-long litigation that led to a settlement allowing thousands of adult home residents in 23 large adult homes to move into supported housing in the community.

MFY Clients Help Expose Heavy-Handed Medicaid Sales Tactics

After interviewing many MFY clients displaced by Hurricane Sandy and working with MFY Attorney Jota Borgmann and others, the New York Times published a scathing exposé on the heavy handed sales tactics used to entice vulnerable New Yorkers to accept Medicaid managed care plans. Read MFY’s letter to the Governor and others, and a case …

Court Approves Landmark Settlement in Adult Home Case

In a memorandum and order issued today, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis approved a settlement between New York State, the U.S. Department of Justice, and a class of approximately 4,000 adult home residents.  The settlement ensures that thousands of adult home residents in New York City will have the opportunity to move out of …

Adult Home Residents Reach Settlement in Landmark Case

Adult home residents, together with the U.S. Department of Justice, reached a settlement that will enable residents of 23 large adult homes to live in supported housing in the community.   The settlement comes after decades of advocacy by MFY Legal Services and litigation in which the residents were represented by MFY, Disability Rights New York, the …

The Coming Adult Home Exodus

MFY Attorneys Jota Borgmann and Shelly Weizman comment to New York World on new Department of Health regulations requiring adult homes to reduce the concentration of residents with mental illness.

MFY Reveals Food Failure in Adult Homes

In an article in the September-October 2012 Clearinghouse Review, MFY Attorney Jota Borgmann shows how poor quality food and lack of food choices exacerbate health problems for adult home residents, and details some emerging solutions to ongoing food problems in institutionalized settings.

MFY Submits Recommendations to Improve the Proposed Regulation Limiting the Percentage of Residents with Serious Mental Illness in Adult Homes

MFY Legal Services, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, and the Urban Justice Center submitted joint testimony making recommendations that would improve the New York State Department of Health’s proposed regulations limiting the percentage of residents with serious mental illness in adult homes with a certified capacity of 80 or more beds to less …