In honor of Kinship Care Month, Mobilization for Justice is recognizing some of our recent kinship care victories on behalf of kinship caregivers.

Last year, Ms. T called the MFJ Kinship Caregiver Law Project hotline seeking help obtaining custody of her 6-year-old grandson, A. In May 2020, A’s mother passed away at 23 from brain cancer.  A was raised by his mother until she fell ill.  This May, Senior Staff Attorney Karla Johnson, submitted a custody petition via an emergency filing in the Bronx County Family Court on the grandmother’s behalf. Ms. Johnson successfully presented Ms. T’s case before the court, and in July 2021, the presiding judge issued Ms. T a final custody order for A. Ms. T works as a home health attendant, and with the order received, she felt empowered to advocate for A’s medical and educational needs, including a school transfer.