MFJ Daunte Wright Statement

We are sickened and appalled by the senseless murder of Daunte Wright at the hands of the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota. The fact that a police officer has unjustly killed a Black man mere miles from the site of the trial for George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin, is as heart-wrenching as it is infuriating. We stand with Daunte’s family, community, and all those protesting and mourning this egregious act.

Acts of brutal, racist violence and the system committed to upholding this violence will not be tolerated. We are calling for the systemic change necessary to dismantle a culture of violence and abuse towards Black and Brown people, and to reallocate funds to social services that will better provide for the needs of the community. Daunte’s life matters, and Black Lives Matter. We will not stop fighting until justice is served.