MFJ Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

A man walking home from work. A grandmother shopping at a grocery store. A teenager spending time with friends. And now several young women working in massage parlors in the Atlanta area, in a clearly racist assault by a young white man. These are just a few of the circumstances in which Asian Americans have been attacked or killed over the past few weeks. This conduct is reprehensible and must stop. As we always knew, white supremacy and racist violence were not merely products of the Trump era; they are a tragic and ever-present reality in America throughout our history. Across the city and around the country, violence, harassment, and discrimination against Asian Americans have increased exponentially since the pandemic started. We strongly condemn this racist, xenophobic behavior and call for all perpetrators to be held accountable and fully prosecuted. The need for equal justice for all is as urgent as it’s ever been, and we remain committed to supporting the Asian American community and fighting for the rights of all people.