Statement on Christina Yuna Lee

We mourn the horrific loss of Christina Yuna Lee, an Asian American woman who was stalked and murdered in her Manhattan apartment on Sunday Feb. 13. We send our condolences to Christina’s family, her friends, the Asian community, and all those who are mourning her. While her death is not currently being investigated as a hate crime, we stand in solidarity with the Asian American community grappling with this tragedy and all anti-Asian violence and bigotry.

The dehumanizing rhetoric about Asian people that has escalated since the pandemic began must stop. Words have power, and when violent, racist language and scapegoating become mainstream, it emboldens those with unhealthy anti-social attitudes to act on their worst impulses. We all have a responsibility to confront and condemn bigotry wherever we encounter it, in word or in deed.

This horrific display of violence also illustrates the need for comprehensive, well-funded mental health care in this country. Many New Yorkers experiencing homelessness have severe mental health disabilities and are unable to get treatment. This lack of treatment can and often does lead to unpredictable, violent behavior. By leading with compassion and care, we can reduce the amount of violence in the nation and benefit the ill and healthy alike. Mobilization for Justice is committed to doing everything we can for those experiencing mental health challenges in the communities we serve while fighting bigotry and racism wherever they occur.