Statement on hate crime charges for the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery

A small victory, but an important one. A jury found Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers, Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William Bryan, guilty of federal hate crimes, meaning that the jury concluded they were motivated by racism. We sincerely hope this verdict offers some semblance of peace to Mr. Arbery’s family, friends, and community.

The fact that a majority white jury in the state of Georgia rendered this verdict is indicative of hope and change. There is, of course, still much work to be done. Mr. Arbery’s mother should never have had to push a Department of Justice newly committed to prosecuting bias-related attacks to prevent a plea deal for her son’s murderers. No family facing such loss and devastation should ever have to fight so hard to obtain justice. We stand with those calling for the systemic change needed to secure full and equal justice for Black people, and to protect them from such horrific hate crimes in the first place. We remain committed to fighting for a future of equal justice for all.