MFJ Helps Tenants in Neglected Bushwick Building Sue Landlord After Years of Neglect

Tenants of 299 Troutman Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn are suing their landlord after many years of enduring severe neglect in their building, including extensive fire damage and dozens of uncorrected housing violations. The tenants are asking the Housing Court to appoint a 7-A administrator to manage their building, recognize their rent stabilized rights, and make their apartments habitable once again.

The tenants of 299 Troutman sought help from Assemblywoman Maritza Davila, who referred the case to Mobilization for Justice through our monthly legal clinic at the Assemblywoman’s district office. The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development has taken swift action in this case and supports the tenants’ application for the appointment of a 7-A administrator.

Assemblywoman Maritza Davila spoke on behalf of the tenants at a press conference announcing the pending lawsuit, hoping to shed light on long-standing neglect by this absentee landlord: “I am proud to stand with the tenants of 299 Troutman as they seek restorative justice for their building. Housing is a human right and as such no one should face vital repairs being neglected due to absentee landlords. I applaud Mobilization for Justice for assisting these tenants in their court case.”

With the dedicated commitment of MFJ lawyers Ariana Marmora and Patrick Tyrrell to the tenants and their fight for justice in the homes, the suit aroused considerable interest in the local press, and coverage was extensive. Here is a sampling of some of the press coverage received: