Re-Entry to the Workforce

“I have never had an option in my life. Now I have options.” –Re-entry client upon getting a security guard license.

As part of its employment project, Mobilization for Justice provides legal advice and representation to people with criminal histories who face employment discrimination and who face challenges in obtaining licenses and helps them re-enter the workforce. We help people:

  • challenge unlawful job discrimination on the basis of criminal convictions, particularly in government jobs
  • obtain occupational licenses, e.g. security guards, barbers, taxi drivers, etc., including representation at city and state administrative hearings
  • appeal administrative licensure denials to the New York Supreme Court
  • obtain occupational clearance from state and city agencies, e., for persons seeking employment as home health aides, school workers, etc.
  • advocate with private employers that summarily deny or terminate employment due to conviction history and assist with filing complaints with administrative agencies
  • seal past criminal records

In addition to legal services to individuals, Mobilization for Justice works closely with re-entry organizations to train advocates and people with past criminal records about employment rights and responsibilities, how to correct rap sheets, and how to obtain Certificates of Relief from Disabilities.

Our re-entry work receives pro bono support from attorneys at Ropes & Gray LLP, who represent clients who have been denied licenses at administrative hearings.

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