Adult Home Residents

Bed Bugs & Dangerous Conditions Plague Brooklyn Adult Home Residents

Residents of Surf Manor Home for Adults filed a class action lawsuit against the facility to address longstanding violations of their rights, including a perennial bed bug infestation, poor conditions, lack of essential services, and verbal abuse. A judge issued a temporary restraining order to prevent retaliation. Read more. Read Daily News article on Surf …

Adult Home Resident Sues State Health Dept. for Violating Her Rights

Represented by MFY, a 51-year-old disabled resident of the Elm York Home for Adults in Queens asked a federal court to declare that the NYS Dept. of Health’s administrative rules violate the due process protections of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Adult Home Resident Sues State Dept. …

Adult Home Residents Say Adult Home Is Abusing Them

The New York Daily News reports that residents at the Garden of Eden home in Brooklyn charge that home threatens them with eviction and bullies them if they complain about conditions or ask for help with medical problems. MFY has filed suit against the New York State Department of Health for failing to enforce regulations …

MFY to State: Don’t go soft on Medicaid fraud

In an Op-Ed on September 23, 2011 in the Albany Times Union, MFY urges the state to move forcefully on reining in Medicaid fraud, particularly abuses that result in Medicaid overbilling in adult homes, where residents are often forced by operators to submit to unnecessary services while their real medical needs are ignored.