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Adult Homes

Judge Orders NYS to Move Adult Home Residents into Supportive Community Housing (9-8-2009)

Judge Orders Adult Home to Install More Telephones and to Stop Charging Residents for Toll Free Calls (3-31-08)

MFY Sues Adult Home for Limiting Telephone Access (3-31-2008)

MFY Lawsuit Exposes Headhunting Racket In Adult Home Industry (10/4/06)

Verizon Sued for Failure to Provide Telephone Service to Disabled People (3/3/06)

Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination against Residents by Adult Home Operator in Coney Island (9/21/04)

Lawsuit Seeks Community Integration of Thousands of New Yorkers with Mental Illness (7/1/03)

Seaport Manor Home for Adults: 32 Residents File Suit (5/24/02)


Small Claims Court Is a Dead End for Many Workers Who Are Owed Wages (7/13/06)

Record Numbers of New York’s Seniors Falling into Credit Card Debt (3/31/06)


MFY Offers Free Legal Help to Tenants Displaced in Chinatown Fire (4/14/10)

Brooklyn Law School Seeks to Evict Disabled Tenant (6-9-2008)

MFY Defeats Bowery Landlord (8-28-2009)

Rockaway Landlords Evict Poor and Disabled Tenants from SRO Buildings (4/5/06)

MFY News

Seniors Get Free Legal Help from Manhattan Legal Aid for Seniors Project (7/8/05)

Kenneth Lau Chosen to Lead Manhattan Legal Aid for Seniors Project (7/8/05)

New Partnership Expands Legal Services for Low Wage, Immigrant and Unemployed Workers in Lower Manhattan (8/5/05)

MFY Legal Services Names New Executive Director (7-1-08)

Workplace Justice

Appellate Court Rules DOE Acted Unfairly (5-18-2009)

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Redux: Lawsuit Demands Justice for Janitors Locked in Bronx Grocery Stores Overnight (3/25/05)

Free Civil Legal Services Are Critical to Ending Exploitation of Immigrant Workers (7/1/05)