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Adult Homes and Mental Health

Judge Orders NY to Move Mentally Ill Out of Large, Institutional Housing by A.G. Sulzberger, New York Times (3/1/10)

State’s Homes for Mentally Ill Adults Violate ADA, Judge Rules by Mark Fass, New York Law Journal (9/9/2009)

State Discriminated Against Mentally Ill, Judge Rules by James Barron, The New York Times (9/9/2009)

Suit Proceeds Over N.Y. Policies For Housing the Mentally Ill by Mark Fass, New York Law Journal (2/23/2009)

Adult home residents are suing for more phones by Frank Donnelly, Staten Island Advance (12/5/2007)

Adult home ‘headhunter’ to pay fine in scam by Veronika Belenkaya, Daily News (2/4/2008)

Shameful Home Must Pay by Rachel Monahan, New York Daily News (12/29/2006)

Ex-Operators in Adult Home Are Barred in Settlement by Russ Buettner, New York Times (12/29/2006)

State Settles with Operators of Brooklyn Adult Home – Press Release – Office of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (12/28/06)

“Headhunter” And Adult Home Sued For Discrepancies by Charles Rogers, Canarsie Courier (10/26/2006)

Medicaid Fraud Alleged: Patients Urge Probe of Clinic by Rachel Monahan, New York Daily News (10/24/2006)

A Trail of Trouble: Owner of Shuttered Adult Home Sued at 2nd Facility by Rachel Monahan, New York Daily News (10/20/2006)

Abuse at Adult Home: Suit by Rachel Monahan, New York Daily News (10/17/2006)

Brooklyn Home in Crash Horror Has History of Scandal by William Sherman, New York Daily News (7/14/2006)

Judge Postpones Closing of Group Home, New York Times (7/1/00)

Mentally Disabled on Hold: Lawsuit Demands Better Access to Low-Cost Phone Service by K. Angelova, City Limits (3/13/2006)

Group Home Where Man Died in Fire Was Closed to New Arrivals, New York Times (5/10/05)

Mentally Ill Gain Legal Voice by Thomas Adcock, New York Law Journal (10/15/04)

Group Home Residents File Suit, Newsday (9/23/04)

Queens Home For Mentally Ill Settles Lawsuit For $7 Million by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (8/5/04)

Suit Says State Is Segregating Mentally Ill by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (7/1/03)

Support Groups for Mentally Ill Suite MTA Over Half-Fare Cards by Daisy Hernandez, New York Times (5/31/03)

State to Survey Mentally Ill in Residences by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (12/13/02)

State Panel Seeks Changes in Homes for Mentally Ill by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (9/24/02)

Mentally Ill Go To Homes Seen As Little Better by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (6/3/02)

Broken Homes by Clifford J. Levy, New York Times (4/28/02 – 4/30/02, four-part series)

Complaint Accuses New York City of Bias Against Mentally Ill by Nina Bernstein, New York Times (4/3/02)

Change in Operators Ordered for Troubled Mental Facility, New York Times (5/04/01)

Moving Stories: A state program pays for mentally ill people to live on their own—but not enough to keep them from getting evicted by Nora McCarthy, City Limits (April 2001)

Inquiry Finds Mentally Ill Patients Endured ‘Assembly Line’ Surgery by Clifford J. Levy and Sarah Kershaw, New York Times (3/18/01)

Adult-Care Home Sued: Residents Allege Unneeded Surgeries by Joshua Robin, Newsday (3/11/01)

Judge Postpones Closing of Group Home by Somini Sengupta, New York Times (7/1/00)

Home for Mentally Ill Is Evicting People, Residents Say by Shaila K. Dewan, New York Times (6/30/00)


Fraud Common Among Debt Buyers by Eileen Markey, City Limits (5/27/10)

Debt Collectors Typically Violate State Law by Daniel Massey, Crain¹s New York Business (5/24/2010)

Bloomberg Signs Bill Beefing Up Regulation of Process Servers; City Bar Backs More Reforms by Noeleen G. Walder, New York Law Journal (4/15/10)

City Council Law Toughens Rules for Process Servers by Sara Kugler, New York Law Journal (3/29/10)

Council Approves Legislation to Hold Process Servers Accountable by Karen Zraick, The New York Times (3/26/10)

Making Sure Process Servers Really Deliver by Gail Robinson, Gotham Gazette (3/26/10)

More Trouble for Debtors, Consumer Reports (March 2010)

Lawsuit Charges ‘Sewer Service’ Fraud by New York Debt Collectors, by Ray Rivera, New York Times (12/31/2009)

Suit Aims to Vacate 100,000 Judgments by Joel Stashenko and Noeleen G. Walder, New York Law Journal (7/23/09)

Debt Cowboys Riding Wild by Robert Gearty, New York Daily News (7/20/2009)

Cuomo Tries to Enforce Notification to Debtors by Jonathan D. Glater, New York Times (4/14/2009)

Proponen ley contra cobradores by Candida Portugues, El Diario-La Prensa (2/26/2009)

Bill Proposes Expanded Debt Collection Oversight by Noeleen G. Walder, New York Law Journal (2/26/2009)

Watching the Collectors: Debtor Protection in Works by Jillian Jonas, City Limits (7/31/2006)

Debt Collection Agencies Under Scrutiny at Hearing by Sewell Chan, New York Times (6/13/2006)

An Outcry Rises as Debt Collectors Play Rough, New York Times (7/5/2006)

Family Law

Pfizer’s Extraordinary Commitment to Children Awaiting Adoption by Lynn Kelly, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (8/06)


Jacques Leandre: MFY’s New Starts Initiative Helps Clients Achieve Self Sufficiency, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (6/00)


Decision to Bar Homeless Woman from Applying for Public Housing Shocked Conscience, New York Law Journal (5/3/10)

Chelsea Does Not Bar Civil Court from Granting Post Eviction Relief, New York Law Journal (4/7/10)

Surviving Gay Partner Tenancy Win, Gay City News (4/8/10)

Non-Traditional Family Member Wins Tenancy To Apartment by Noeleen G. Walder, New York Law Journal (4/7/10)

A Tenant¹s Trial: Facing Eviction Alone by Kate Pastor, City Limits Weekly (2/25/2008)

Rocky Road for Queens Tenants: Low-Rent Landlords Seek to Evict by Gabriel Thompson, City Limits (4/24/2006)

Support Full Funding for Neighborhood Preservation Programs, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (10/04)

Tenant’s Acts Found No Basis for An Eviction by Tom Perrotta, New York Law Journal (1/10/2003)

Rooms Without a View: Despite Decades of Violations, Hotel Keeps Its Doors Open by Bruce Lambert, New York Times (8/12/00)

For 96-Year-Old Woman, Door Is 4 Steps Too Far by Monte Williams, New York Times (5/19/00)

New Landlord, Old Tenants, Hard Questions. Innovative tactics in converting an S.R.O. residence to a hotel by Alan S. Oser, New York Times (2/27/00)

Will HPD Do a Favor for Hotel Converter? Suite Deal by J.A. Lobbia, The Village Voice (2/16/99)

A Hotel’s Immovable Women, Evoking Its Past Glory, Defy Developers, New York Times (4/4/99)

Kinship Care

Pro Bono Program Is Launched to Help Kin Raising Others’ Children by Lindsay Kennedy, New York Law Journal (6/30/06)

Pro Bono Support

Service as a Guardian Ad Litem by William J. Dean, New York Law Journal (7/3/2006)

David Keyko: Why Corporations Should Support MFY, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (8/02)

Stephen Lindo: Volunteer Gains Satisfaction From Involvement, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (8/02)

MFY: A Rewarding Pro Bono Experience, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (8/02)

Lisa Fischel Wolovick: Serve on the Pro Bono Front Line—Be An MFY Volunteer, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (8/01)

Elizabeth S. Strong: A Successful Litigator Makes Time for Pro Bono, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (2/01)

Tanya M. Douglas of MFY: Advising the Poor, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (2/01)

A Willkie Lawyer’s Pro Bono Experience by Michael C. Carroll, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (August 2000)

Workplace Justice

Panel Rules Woman Who Did Not Disclose Depression Failed to Preserve Right to Unemployment Benefits by Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal (3/26/2009)

New Bill includes Penalties for Repeat Harassment, Downtown Express (12/21/07)

Nanny Sues Labor Figure, Alleges Abuse by Sarah Garland, The New York Sun (12/6/2007)

Empleada domestica demanda por injusto despido por Maria Vega, El Diario-La Prensa (12/6/2007)

Fired ‘ill’ nanny sues for wages by Michael Rundle, Metro New York (12/10/2007)

Broader Inquiries Are Urged on Underpayment of Wages by Steven Greenhouse, New York Times (12/13/2006)

Fair Wage Advocates Hope Spitzer Will Be More Aggressive With DOL by Ruschell Boone, NY1 News (12/20/2006)

Many Workers Fail to Collect in Small Claims Court, Survey Finds by Anthony Ramirez, New York Times (7/14/2006)

Suit Will Say Locked Exits Put Three Janitors in Danger by Steven Greenhouse, New York Times (3/25/2005)

Demandan a supermercados por encierros por Maria Vega/EDLP, El Diario-La Prensa (3/25/2002)

For the Jobless, Some Free Legal Help by Steven Greenhouse, New York Times (3/23/03)

Study Finds Rise in Benefits for the Unemployed of 9/11 by Leslie Eaton, New York Times (8/27/03)

Protestors made their feelings clear through chants and signs, The Villager (3/28/01)