MFJ in the News

MFY Urges State to Amend Law to Help Kinship Caregivers

MFY Legal Services’ Kinship Caregiver Law Project is working with child welfare advocates across the state to urge the state legislature to amend Domestic Relations Law 72 to give relative caregivers (e.g. aunts, uncles, older siblings, etc.) the same rights as grandparents when seeking legal guardianship or custody of a related child who has been …

Adult Home Residents Say Adult Home Is Abusing Them

The New York Daily News reports that residents at the Garden of Eden home in Brooklyn charge that home threatens them with eviction and bullies them if they complain about conditions or ask for help with medical problems. MFY has filed suit against the New York State Department of Health for failing to enforce regulations …

MFY to State: Don’t go soft on Medicaid fraud

In an Op-Ed on September 23, 2011 in the Albany Times Union, MFY urges the state to move forcefully on reining in Medicaid fraud, particularly abuses that result in Medicaid overbilling in adult homes, where residents are often forced by operators to submit to unnecessary services while their real medical needs are ignored.

Foreclosure Prevention Funds Still Necessary

In the New York Law Journal, MFY Staff Attorney Elizabeth Lynch argues that a new wave of foreclosure filings will leave thousands of homeowners vulnerable to a system that favors banks unless the New York State legislature renews funding for foreclosure defense. Foreclosure Prevention Funds Still Necessary