Press Releases

MFY Beats Back HSBC’s Attempt to Foreclose on Queens Homeowner

A Queens Supreme Court judge granted MFY’s motion to dismiss a foreclosure action against a Queens homeowner by showing that HSBC, as trustee for a residential mortgage-backed security trust, did not own the note or the mortgage and therefore had no legal standing to foreclose. Queens-Homeowner-Beats-Back-HSBC’s-Attempt-to-Foreclose

Class Action Lawsuit Exposes Housing Scam that Exploits Homeless

MFY charges that three companies that rent housing units to people leaving the shelter system, substance abuse programs and prisons engaged in widespread deceptive practices, pressured tenants into signing away their rights, violated the rent stabilization code and laws, and unlawfully evicted tenants onto the street when they became unprofitable.

MFY Sues Bank of America on Foreclosures

A class action lawsuit charges that Bank of America broke the law by failing to carry through on contractual promises to permanently modify mortgage payments for New York homeowners who successfully completed the trial modification period under the federal government’s Make Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).